Broad Street United Methodist Church

The congregation that became Broad Street United Methodist Church had its origins in the Bradley County Courthouse in 1836.  Even before the establishment of Bradley County, Methodists missionaries ministered to white settlers and the Cherokee Indians in this region.

From 1836 to 1893 the early congregants met in four locations within downtown Cleveland.  In 1844 the Methodist Church split into the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

In 1863, Federal troops commandeered the brick building that was Methodist Episcopal Church, South located at the corner of Church Street and First Street to use as a stable and a granary.  In 1904 the Federal government awarded the church $6000 in compensation for the use, occupation, and destruction of property during the Civil War.

After the destruction of the church building the congregation of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South moved to its present location and constructed a new brick building in 1867-1868 which was critically acclaimed at the time.  A local newspaper editor wrote, "An exterior view reminds one of an old ‘shanglia’ rooster with his tail feathers pulled out.”  

That sanctuary was demolished in 1893, and the current one was completed in 1896.  In writing about this sanctuary Eugenia Rodgers, a descendant of one of the founders of Methodism in Bradley County, described it as "a house of worship that evidenced beauty in the balance of its structure and in the finest work of artists in brick, wood, and glass. The stained glass windows, lovely in tones of amber, mauve, rose, blue, and green, shed light on the woodwork whose fiber reflected artistic polishing of the grain.  No veneer, varnish, or shoddiness throughout the sanctuary; but the artistry that the ‘keys of the kingdom’, the cross and the dove in the window deserved.”  The sanctuary of Broad Street United Methodist Church was entered on the National Register of Historic Places, April 5, 1984.

BSUMC offers four Sunday morning worship services.  The two formal are held in the sanctuary at 8:45 and 10:45.  These services offer inspiring music provided by the chancel choir, piano, and Schantz pipe organ. The two informal services are held in the Fellowship Hall at 8:30 and 10:45.  They offer contemporary music through the use of a variety of musical instruments. Sunday school classes are available to all ages at 9:30.

John Wesley, founder of Methodism, often quoted this verse from Second Timothy:  "I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God which is in you.”

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