Arnold Elementary

Located on 8th Street, Arnold Memorial Elementary School prepares children in grades K-5 for a bright future. Established in 1929, Arnold completed a major renovation in 2006. As the HCNA’s "neighborhood school,” Arnold received a new sign from the  HCNA in 2009 to maintain its curb appeal and works with the  HCNA to receive volunteer aid.

473 8th Street
Thoughts from and AMS parent
Arnold is one of Cleveland’s best kept secrets. Our family's experience at Arnold has been
academically, relationally, and socially positive.

I personally have feelings of nostalgia when I can my children along the same route that I walked as child. My children share in the heritage of their mother, aunts and uncles and cousins and friends young and old. Not many places offer that kind of experience anymore. What a blessing to be able share this with my kids! My brother was at Arnold when the news came that Kennedy had been assassinated. They gathered the entire student body into the Arnold auditorium to share the news and to pray for our nation and the Kennedy family. This same beautiful auditorium still provides an amazing venue for students and community. The gymnasium and the auditorium are unparalleled in this community and have tremendous potential for expanding our sporting, community outreach, as well as cultural experiences. The atmosphere and the architecture of Arnold Memorial Elementary School are full of our local and
national history.

Academically I could not be happier. Our four children have been given an academic atmosphere in which to thrive and grow and be challenged. The foundation our kids have been given is a solid one that I know will withstand all the building that secondary and higher education experiences will add to it. I have been inspired to see teachers recognize when my kids needed more….more time, more attention, more of a challenge, more instruction. I guess that is one way I look at our experience….more. I believe my kids have received more not less at Arnold. The determination to foster an environment where struggling students can succeed and gifted students can soar is definitely what I have seen here.
Key to any experience being positive is parental involvement. And at Arnold, as a mom, I have made friends for life. Involved moms and dads that share our core values have helped make Arnold a family for me. There are Arnold families that we have encountered and connected with that I know will be mentors to my children for years to come.

Finally, as I think about our experience as an AMS family, I am thankful that we have been able to see and share in so much diversity. I like the term "unified diversity” – different yet united for the purposes of caring for our children. Arnold is a beautiful reflection of humanity. We have vast differences. We have tragedies and we have triumphs. As my children have encountered these differences, they have become more compassionate people. They have a concern for their fellow students and their families and have a desire to serve rather than be served. The Arnold teachers and administrative staff have an amazing part to play in the lives of a vast and varied group of children. And I’m grateful for the part they have played in mine.

-Victoria Knight Eachus
Neighborhood School

Arnold Elementary

Our girls enjoy walking home from school with their friends along the same tree lined sidewalks their grandparents traveled. 
Its a wonderful tradition and another advantage to "downtown" living!
-Ramona and Robert Thompson

Arnold School Walkers
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