City of Cleveland Codes

The HCNA has been instrumental in sone ordinances designed to help preserve the beauty of the historic neighborhood
Rooming House Ordinance
The residential zoning districts are established with the intention that homes would be occupied by a single family or household. Occupancy of a home by several unrelated individuals can negatively impact the quality for other homes in the neighborhood through increased traffic, parking demand, noise, litter, property that is poorly maintained, etc. These problems can arise since the unrelated occupants may lack a shared since of common household responsibility.
The ordinance allows no more than 4 unrealated people to live in a house zoned R-1 Single Family Residence
Parking Overlay
When most homes in our historic district and neighborhood were built, many houses only had one car if any. Today, most parking spaces and driveways have been updated and adapted to our more contemporary life styles. The parking overlay helps protect property values and homes while giving guidance to the best way to design driveways and hard surface areas in our neighborhood. Yard parking is not allowed and as a result people know their investment in their homes will not be compromised by neighbors who may have once turned front yards into muddy parking lots.
The ordinance is an overlay that applies to HCNA boundaries and states that no vehicles can be parked in any front yard.
If you need to report a violation, please contact Paul Corder at 479-1913 ext 231
Paul works in the city's planning dept., and can help you with any questions, concerns, or to report any violations
Any concerns or questions related to Lee University should be addressed to Merica Stum at 310-1358
For more details on city codes and ordinances visit www.cityofclevelandtn.com
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