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Our Mayor once said "Downtown is the heartbeat of our city” and Mainstreet Cleveland certainly agrees. Being a Mainstreet city is an important component in keeping that heartbeat strong. Check out Mainstreet’s website for all the activities and opportunities to enjoy downtown.

MainStreet Cleveland is an organization committed to improving the central business district of downtown Cleveland, Tennessee. On a local level, Mainstreet aims to improve the business district through economic development, organization, promotion and funding. Mainstreet Cleveland is focused on connecting the citizens of Cleveland to its local businesses.

2010 marks Mainstreet Cleveland's 20th anniversary as a nationally accredited Main Street Community.   As one of the first accredited Main Street communities in Tennessee, Cleveland has accomplished much to renovate and revitalize downtown.

A milestone during the 20th anniversary is the completion of Mainstreet Cleveland's largest endeavor, the First Street Square.  It was officially opened on July 26 and made possible through partnerships with Mainstreet Cleveland, private donors, and the City of Cleveland.  This project provides another festival area, lawn areas, and landscaped parking across from the Museum Center.

The former laundry building located on First Street was demolished to develop the park and landscaped parking in the heart of the Five Points business district.  Mainstreet's funding for the project is made possible by private donors to the Vision 1000 fundraising campaign which was created by Mayor Tom
For more information visit www.mainstreetcleveland.com or call at 423-479-1000
First Street Square is a joint project between Mainstreet Cleveland, the City, and private donors. It is one of themore recent revitilazation projects by Mainstreet Cleveland
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