HCNA has supported several projects, including installation throughout our boundaries of historic stop signs and also teamed with Mainstreet Cleveland to further the project into the Downtown business area.

Construction of new sign for Arnold School has recently been completed to better enhance the historic nature of the school.

We have encouraged and supported the other following projects:
  • Expansion of the Greenway
  • New sidewalk from Arnold School to Deer Park
  • New plantings along Ocoee Street and Centenary Avenue
  • Encouraged walkers and bicyclers to pass through the
  • Neighborhood and access the Greenway on Neighborhoodstreets
  • Enforce building and housing codes
  • Parking overlay
  • HCNA paver supporting the Cleveland Public Library Renovation
  • Mainstreet Banner w/ HCNA name

 HCNA Master Plan Documents

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HCNA PLAN 4.pdf (2,121 KB)
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HCNA PLAN 3.pdf (3,647 KB)
HCNA PLAN 2.pdf  Delete
HCNA PLAN 2.pdf (2,853 KB)
HCNA PLAN 1.pdf  Delete
HCNA PLAN 1.pdf (2,778 KB)
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the plan.pdf (1,260 KB)
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